Corporate Responsibility

Participation in the Achievement of Social Justice and Environmental Awareness

We form all our services by seeking to achieve the ideal of living in harmony with nature and all living species in a more equal, democratic and free society. In line with this objective, besides our legal services, our team develops volunteering projects sensitive to the environment and to the society.

With the “US PLUS” project we have developed, we aim to achieve progress by bringing new pluses to our team and to the society. This is because we are aware that we can only bring pluses to our services by bringing pluses to ourselves first. Within the scope of this project, we conduct volunteer-based works and create new pluses together with our team in the following aspects: 

Social justice means that everyone in a society has equal rights and opportunities. Therefore, while providing legal services to our clients, we also assume the responsibility of contributing to the realization of social justice. In legal processes, we aim to help our clients assert their voices and protect their rights by adopting a fair and egalitarian approach, standing by their side.


In addition, environmental consciousness is important for a sustainable future. Environmental issues such as the conservation of natural resources, energy efficiency, and waste management are fundamental concerns that we value as part of our work. We encourage environmentally friendly practices in the legal advice and solutions we offer to our clients, aiming to create positive impacts on the environment.


To fulfill our responsibilities towards society and the environment, we actively participate in social responsibility projects. We aim to benefit society by supporting various projects in the fields of education, healthcare, disadvantaged groups, and environmental protection. Thus, we aspire to be an office that contributes not only to the field of legal counseling but also to the general welfare of the community.


Additionally, culture and art are important elements that nourish and unite the community’s spirit. Therefore, we also aim to play an active role in supporting and popularizing culture and art.


As Ülker Şimşek Law Office, we are determined to participate in the realization of social justice, environmental consciousness, and culture and art, fulfilling our responsibilities. In the services we provide to our clients, we will continue to prioritize social justice, environmental protection, and the importance of culture and art, adding value to society.

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